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Jun 05 2011

Survival of the Cowardly

10 days.  That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got left.  Ten days are the only things standing between me and freedom.  Between me and summer, and relief, and new beginnings.  I have been holding my breath for months now, waiting for these ten days to be gone.  Waiting to say goodbye to my school forever, put this year behind me, and finally move forward.
But with exactly ten days to go, I received the news that one of my students had been critically injured by a single gunshot wound as he walked home from school on Friday afternoon.  When I say I “received” this news, I actually mean that I received a cryptic email message from my principal, pulled up the local headlines, and put two and two together.  But the fact remains that one of my students is in the hospital right now, and many more are at home traumatized and…

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May 22 2011

Answers (Or, how it feels to quit TFA)

My life in recent months has been rife with difficult questions.  What will I do after I quit TFA?  How will I pay rent while paying back my TFA loans and searching for a new job?  Will I stay in DC?  Will I feel guilty when all is said and done? One by one, I…

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Mar 05 2011

Why I Am Quitting TFA

Last night I was standing in a crowded bar, drink in hand, talking to a boy.  Well, shouting, actually, because it’s the only way we could hear each other.  We shared names, he asked how long I’d been living in DC, I asked about his gorgeous French accent.  He was a friend of a friend,…

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